Series, concise analysis

Prices for phytoplankton sample series, concise analysis

Price from / sample, + 24% VAT

Analysis 140 €
The results will not be entered in the national phytoplankton database
Report Report of results Report with tables and charts Comprehensive report
Method description x x x
Results in a table format x x x
Summary tables x x
Summary charts x x
Ecological classification table* x x
Ecological classification* x
Algae group tables x x
Algae group charts x x
Statement on the state of water based on the results and comparison to earlier results if available. x
General photographs of the samples x
Price of the report / sample 22 € 54 € 80 €
However, the minimum price for the report is always at least EUR 100 + VAT.
Total price, concise analysis, and reporting 162 € 214 € 220 €

* The ecological classification cannot be done with a concise analysis result because the statistical accuracy of the results is not considered high enough.
However, a rough ecological classification can be made.

Discounts for bigger batches. The total cost of the project is significantly affected by the number of sample places in relation to the number of samples. Request for an offer to get the exact price!

Examples of phytoplankton reporting tables and charts.