Phytoplankton workshop for professionals 2 days – 2024
– To identify or not to identify? –

For the second time, a workshop on phytoplankton identification will be held on Kemiö Island, Finland. This year there is a special group of algae we concentrate on – cryptomonads.

Our workshop aims to fulfill both the need of microscoping and discussing phytoplankton identification problems together as well as the theoretical background on identifying and microscoping, the emphasis being on practical identification. Although the theme of the year is cryptomonads the participants are welcome to take their own samples and photo’s on any other phytoplankton group they wish to discuss during the workshop.

Our Hungarian colleagues will present their new cryptomonads identification key (under construction), tell us about the origin of these fascinating creatures and about the phytoplankton work carried out at Pandorina Ltd.

Meet the organizers here.

The programme will consist of theory and practical work, topped off with valuable discussions between participants. All this will be compiled into a PDF file to be delivered to participants afterwards, with photographs and drawings of the species and taxa discussed, to aid future identification. The workshop will focus on identification, ecology will not be so central to this workshop.

Click here for a preliminary programme

Group size: 8-12
Place: Storfinnhova gård, Finnhovantie 163, 25860 Björkboda, Kemiönsaari.
Target group: professional phytoplankton analysts
Dates: Tue-Wed 18.-19.6. 2024
Time: 9 – 18
Price: 200 € + 24% VAT, includes the program, supplies, facilities, coffee, dinner and sauna on Tuesday and a post-workshop summary of the species discussed in the workshop. Lunch is self-catered.
Language: English
Other: Bring your own samples and/or photographs. You can also send photos of the Cryptomonads to the organisers ( in advance. Include the name of the species (if known), dimensions, sampling location and time. Maximum 15 photos per participant. This will allow us to prepare a presentation specifically of interest to participants.

Registration: no later than 24 May 2024.
Invoice for participation will be sent in week 22. In case of cancellation, a full refund will be given if cancellation is made at least 2 weeks before the workshop (4.6.2024). After that, 50% will be refunded.

The venue: Storfinnhova gård

Accommodation, lunch and dinner: please arrange accommodation and meals directly with Storfinnhova gård. Telephone:  +358400539238 or e-mail:
Possibility to book an extra night before and after the workshop.

3-night package – 309 €/person (Mon-Tue-Wed or Tue-Thu)

  • Breakfast self-service or buffet breakfast
  • Lunch on two days (Tue + Wed)
  • Dinner on two days (Mon + Wed)
  • Overnight stay in double rooms in the farm’s villas

2-night package – 210 €/person (Mon-Tues-Thurs)

  • Lunch on two days (Tue + Wed)
  • Breakfast self-service or buffet breakfast on both days
  • Dinner one evening (Mon)
  • Overnight stay in double rooms in the farm’s villas

One-night package – 109 €/person

  • Breakfast served or buffet breakfast
  • Lunch on two days (Tue + Wed)
  • Overnight in double rooms in the farm’s villas

    – Accommodation prices include VAT. –

Transport to Storfinnhova

You can reach the venue with a bus from Helsinki or Turku.
From the bus stop there is a 1,5 km walk to Storfinnhova. Transport can be arranged.

Take a look at the bus time tables here:
Helsinki main bus station – Björkboda (1-2 transfers) 175 km
Helsinki airport – Björkboda (2 transfers) 187 km
Turku bus station – Björkboda 80 km

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