The artist

Meint ZwerverMeint Zwerver was born in 1961 in Winsum (Gr), northern Netherlands. The creativity was present from that very moment. Already in the early childhood years Meint would paint his abstract paintings while other children were still busy with their stick figures. This child spent his time molding clay and forming metal into interesting pieces and forms. Later, Meint’s favorite subject at school was handicrafts. Especially woodcrafts and casting clay aroused his interest.

In his adult years, Meint noticed that the lorry and bus driver’s career chosen was not the right path and so he educated himself again – into a cabinetmaker. The training focused mainly on the handling of woodworking machines and learning the techniques so that the actual craftsmanship – the making of wood sculptures and statues – Meint was able to learn by himself, by reading and practicing, and then practicing some more …

Today, Meint hardly makes furniture, but dedicates himself to turning wood on lathe and making sculptures. For a long time, Meint made a variety of special wooden everyday objects like schnapps goblets. Today, he focuses on making small statues.

Besides the design, Meint’s work is special for his self-developed way of working the surface of the wood that emphasizes the tree’s own essence and provides a silky-smooth surface on his works.

To be eco-friendly is an essential part of Meint’s personality and it can be seen at every stage of the working process: usually all the raw materials are pure and natural materials and the timber comes from the Kemiö region and other surrounding areas.