Tools and materials


The woodcrafter must know some blacksmith tasks too. I have made a lot of my knives myself, as well as most of my lathe chisels. Decorative sculptor’s tools; chisels and irons for carving, are modified to suit the work if necessary.

Veitset Taltat

The quality and the right hardness of the steel are of great importance for the comfortable use, not forgetting the sharpening of the tools in a right way. You can find several sharpening stones in my shelf; my favorite is the oil stone from Arkansas.



The items are finally treated with natural oils that I mix and boil myself. The oils are mixed with resin and wax, such as shellac, dammar, benzoic and copal resin as well as propolis, carnauba and beeswax. Some mixtures require conifer and lemon turpentine or alcohol.

Timber comes from Kemiö and other neighboring areas. I mainly use birch, curly birch, rowan, alder, juniper, and apple tree.