Counting chambers

Counting chambers for plankton counting

Counting chambers for counting plankton according the Utermöhl method.

kyvetit, sylenterit

Picture 1. Above left a 25 ml cylinder, right 10 ml. Below a counting chamber which is to be placed on a microscope table.

kyvetit, sylenterit ja tyhjennysalusta

Picture 2. Above left a counting chamber, above right a 25 ml cylinder, below an emptying chassis.

If the counting chamber does not fit straight into the hole of your current microscope table, you can put the sample on the table with the base for emptying, which fits all microscopes. In this case one has to make sure that the objectives can be adjusted high enough to get a clear picture.

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Picture 3. Counting chamber put together on the emptying chassis, with a cover glass on the top.

Counting chamber can be used with oil immersion objectives too.
This item has a utility model patent.

The parts pictured in a drawing:
Components of Zwerver phytoplankton chamber

The thickness of the bottom glass = #1,5 or 1,16-0,19 mm.

The measures of the parts:
Planktonkyvetin osat Zwerver mitat EN

The diameter of the counting area is 24 mm.
The counting area is 452(,38) mm2.

Video material about the filling and emptying counting chamber:
Filling a counting chamber.
Emptying a counting chamber.

Download technical data here:
Technical data