Month: December 2010

Some old and some new friends

Checking the samples this week saw the fine little golden-algae Chrysolykos planctonicus in the Dutch water. In the Finnish waters this species rejoices my days frequently, but not too often in the Low Land waters. This species is one of my all time favorites. Makes me think of a swimming cow, somehow. No wonder it makes me happy.Chrysolykos plactonicus B. Mack 1951, size about 10-20 micrometers. According to Tikkanen it is a species mostly occuring in oligotrophic waters. Enough of that in Finland. Even though the limit for biomass for eutrophic water is as low as 2,5 mg/l (Heinonen 1980). An...
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In strange waters again

...after a minor brake I thought I'd start blogging again... It sure takes a bit of effort to get used to the Dutch waters again. Seeing different species,  and more rubbish (if you don't mind me being so direct) and last but not least using the very different, less intensive way of counting the samples. Why does for example the species Hortobagyiella verrucosa not want to drift in the Finnish waters? Or has somebody seen it here already? Now that I come to think about this name, Hortobagyiella ... it probably has something to do with our far-away relatives, the Hungarians. There is this big n...
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