Training course phytoplankton 2024

Phytoplankton workshop

For the second time, a workshop on phytoplankton identification will be held on Kemiö Island, Finland. This year there is a special group of algae we concentrate on – cryptomonads.

Phytoplankton workshop

Our workshop aims to fulfill both the need of microscoping and discussing phytoplankton identification problems together as well as the theoretical background on identifying and microscoping, the emphasis being on practical identification. Although the theme of the year is cryptomonads the participants are welcome to take their own samples and photo’s on any other phytoplankton group they wish to discuss during the workshop.

Our Hungarian colleagues will present their new cryptomonads identification key (under construction), tell us about the origin of these fascinating creatures and about the phytoplankton work carried out at Pandorina Ltd.

The programme will consist of theory and practical work, topped off with valuable discussions between participants. All this will be compiled into a PDF file to be delivered to participants afterwards, with photographs and drawings of the species and taxa discussed, to aid future identification. The workshop will focus on identification, ecology will not be so central to this workshop.

The workshop will take place on an old farm of Storfinnhova in the midst of peaceful, beautiful nature in Southern Finland.

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