Month: March 2008

The Colors of Spring

Talked about (among other equally important things) fashion and mode yesterday with a dear friend of mine. About how some people follow the fashion and others find their own way.And in today's sample this robust Cryptomonas rostratiformis occurred on the catwalk showing it's fine, fresh and in my eyes fashionable colors: violet and green.  "Would these be The Colors of This Spring?!" I thought, still inspired by our conversation.Could be, I have never been such a dedicated follower of fashion.And yes, indeed, I'm running late again - on the bottle it says 2007.  I'll just keep my old jacket.
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The day of the slender golden algae

...borgei, suecicum, crenulatum...A lot of these fine, slender Dinobryon's in today's sample.The favorite for the moment is borgei, being so tiny and modest, yet elegant with it's funny, short curly flagel.Dinobryon borgeid=3 µm l=30 µmsuecicum is not bad either. With the rings around it's waist it looks like a lady in a bathing suit in the twentie's. I do wonder how this pretty thing did get it's name...? And where is Dinobryon finnicum, then?!! ;)Dinobryon suecicumd=9 µm l=20 µmcrenulatum again is a bit bigger fellow, but looks also fragile because of the shaky edge.Dinobryon crenulatumd...
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