Month: January 2011


This Unidentified Floating Object does not remain unidentified for a long time, not even for a beginner. At least, if there is some decent literature at hand. Desmatractum indutum, 9x55 µm. Looks like an alien space ship. But it is a green-algae: Desmatractum indutum. Belongs to the little family of Treubariaceae. According to Komárek & Fott (1983). And Algaebase. The wonderful Dutch species list - TWN – has another opinion and lifts the Trebouxiophyceae to an own class under the division Chlorophyta. Interesting… There are more weird little things in this family. What they have in common ...
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I take this as a sign

All right, I will make an appointment. Next week. The first thing.I have been thinking about going to the hairdresser a couple of weeks already. Maybe it has something to do with a new year beginning, that I want to have something new – if not in, then at least – on my head. Was thinking about a Siimes-look, about 5 mm long hair, but it’s a bit too cold for it at the moment. Last time I visited a hairdresser is about… must be about four years ago. So, you do understand, that this is not that kind of a decision I make hastily.And then, yesterday, I saw these with the scope:and I thought if even...
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