The day of the slender golden algae

borgei, suecicum, crenulatum
A lot of these fine, slender Dinobryon‘s in today’s sample.

The favorite for the moment is borgei, being so tiny and modest, yet elegant with it’s funny, short curly flagel.

Dinobryon borgei
d=3 µm l=30 µm

suecicum is not bad either. With the rings around it’s waist it looks like a lady in a bathing suit in the twentie’s. I do wonder how this pretty thing did get it’s name…? And where is Dinobryon finnicum, then?!! 😉

Dinobryon suecicum
d=9 µm l=20 µm

crenulatum again is a bit bigger fellow, but looks also fragile because of the shaky edge.

Dinobryon crenulatum
d=7,5 µm l=34 µm


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