Angry birds in a puddle

While cycling to an apple-blossom picnic, I stopped at a little puddle that looked very promising. Nice dark, water with pH around 5. I thought there might be some beautiful Desmids waiting for me. I filled the bottle, enjoyed the picnic under the blossoming apple trees with friends, good food and Irish songs – and waited anxiously till the next day, when I was ble to take a look at my sample.

And this is what I saw:

Don’t they look like the famous Angry birds? I have never played the game, but I still haven’t managed to walk through my life without paying any attention to them.

The whole sample was full with Synuras, a groep of golden algae.

Golden algae are nice too, but many of them not possible to identify with only a light microscope. One needs to have electron microscope photo’s of the scales.

Next time I try to catch some pigs.


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