Blue-greens in České Budějovice

It’s already a month ago, that I was on the Determination Course of Freshwater and Terrestrial Cyanobacteria in Czech Republic, in this beautiful city of České Budějovice, about 150 km south of the ever so wonderful city of Prague.

We had a very intensive and highly interesting week going through the newest developments in the taxonomy of Cyanobacteria, under the kind and inspiring guidance of Prof. Komárek the Great:

You could also get individual lessons: (Thank you for the photo, Oriana!)

Here is our wonderful Cyanobacteria group all together on the market place of České Budějovice:

(Sorry, don’t know who’s photo’ the rest is. One of the dear participants. Or even so organisers. I hope it’s fine that the photo’s are here.)

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