Foldscope is coming!
Soon the microscopic world is within reach to everybody. And not only for fun, but for the benefit of all mankind. I’m happy to be involved in this project.

Like they say:
“Finally, we are as excited about scaling up this project as you are about using and sharing the microscopic world with everyone. We hope to build a community that grows with time, is passionate about teaching each other the mysteries of the microscopic world and finally has empathy towards the divide that exists in access to scientific tools and wants to contribute positively towards eliminating the same.”

Take a look at this great project:

Read more:
Foldscope: Origami based paper microscope
J. Cybulski, J. Clements and M. Prakash
PLoS ONE 9(6):e98781. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0098781,June 2014

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