What a wonderful feeling…

… to be able to see the whole chamber bottom with the magnificent oil immersion objectives while counting algae with the Utermöhl method!

Most of the chambers on the market are made for dry objectives. An oil immersion objective is so close to the bottom of the chamber that it bumps into the thin piece of metal that is holding the bottom glas before you can see the edge.

Well, not any more! I developed a chamber where you can see the whole bottom with your wonderful oil immersion objective. Still testing it a bit. More news when this new invention reaches the next step. Stay tuned.


Utermöhl, Hans 1958. Zur Vervollkommnung der quantatieven Phytoplankton-methodik. Mitteilungen InternationaleVereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie 9: 1-39.

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