Tastes good, that name. Chrysosporum – a golden seed. Does not take one’s thoughts directly to the for so many odious world of the cyanobacteria, but that is the right address anyway.

The young Czech cyano-researcher, Eliska Zapomelova (sorry about the missing characters in your name – I not a master enough over my keyboard to be able to produce them by myself and a simple copy-paste did not work this time) with her colleagues writes in an interesting article in Hydrobiologia about the new genus Chrysosporum, which is – as we can read – based on the further research on our old friend Anabaena bergii. Which again is – as far as I know – not recorded here in Finland. At least it’s not on the official algae lists. According to Zapomelova and her colleagues, this species has a kind of a golden coat on it’s akinete, which explanis the choice of the beautiful name. Want to see.

The rest of the article describes a few cyano’s that are recorded for the first time in the Czech Republic. There seems to be an invasion going on. Or is it just the lack of our knowledge till now on? Anyway, it would be very interesting to see what all kind of cyanobacteria there are really living here, in the Finnish waters. I bet there would be a couple of new species, not only for the Finnish algae list, but who knows for the whole scientific world, if one looks closely enough.

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