Coastal Phytoplankton – a book

The Photo Guide for Northern European Seas, Coastal Phytoplankton book from Alexandra Kraberg, Marcus Baumann and Claus-Dieter Dürselen is worth taking a look in.

The size is handy, the photo’s are fine, the quality of paper very good. It has nice, clear drawings to clarify the different structures in plankton organisms. Every species has one whole page for itself, with mostly good photos and drawings. Furthermore on top of every page you can find a bulk of information of the species in a very concentrated, yet not in a cluttered manner.

Very handy are the tips about the similar species. When identifying the algae, it’s always good to know who is lurking round the corner, trying to look just like the one you have in your microscope field of view. If this information about the similar species isn’t enough, take a look in the end, where you find quite some taxonomic references.

I have not had the chance to try the book out in real life, but I think the concept is good. Although an electrical version would perhaps also be convenient.

When do they make a book like this about the Baltic Sea phytoplankton?

KRABERG, Alexandra, Marcus BAUMANN & Claus-Dieter DÜRSELEN:
Coastal Phytoplankton
Photo Guide for Northern European Seas

2010. [in English] – 204 pp., 190 coloured and 24 black-and-white figures (c 388 coloured and 88 black-and-white photos and drawings), 4 tables.
24 x 21 cm. Paperback.

ISBN 978-3-89937-113-0

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